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Wall-Mount System & Reel


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Wall-Mounted Pressure Washer

Tomahawk’s electric wall mounted systems are the unrivaled choice when it comes to dedicated wash bays.  With the ability to mount the pressure washer to the wall utilizing our custom designed aluminum wall mount bracket, valuable floor space can be conserved in an equipment room or wash bay.  Sitting atop each frame is an energy efficient 5.0 HP Motor and General Pump pump, capable of delivering the optimum 1500 PSI at 3.8 Gallons Per Minute! 

Wall-Mounted Reel & Wand Holder

At the operators end, a wall mounted reel is a popular option at the beginning of car wash tunnels, or at the end of each wash bay.  The standard package includes a wall mounted hose reel that can hold up to 100' of 3/8" high pressure hose, but larger length reels are available as well.  The accompanying stainless-steel wand holder serves as a dedicated home for the trigger gun when not in use. 

On / Off Automation: Auto Start/Stop Upgrade

Wash bay systems come standard with an on/off toggle switch, which is great if the pressure washer is mounted in the same wash bay.  For installations where the pressure washer is not within arms reach, such as inside equipment rooms, an Auto-Start/Stop option can be included to automatically turn the pressure washer ON & OFF during use.  With a pull of the pressure washer gun trigger, the machine will turn on to allow washing.  After roughly 15 seconds of idle time, the machine will power down awaiting the next trigger pull.  This allows operators to quickly get in and get out of the washbay without having to push buttons or toggle switches, while ensuring your machine is running only when it needs to be. 

Standard Features:

  • Powder coated lightweight aluminum frame, resistant to rust
  • Energy efficient 5.0 HP electric motor
  • Bolt-on unloader valve for adjusting pressure
  • General Pump “the Best in the Industry”
  • Water feed inlet filter
  • General Pump trigger gun with ceramic ball internals, 12” wand, threaded nozzle, tip protector, and high-pressure swivel
  • Wall-mounted reel

Included in Package:

  • Wall Mount Bracket with On/Off Toggle Switch
  • Hardware to Mount Motor to Wall Mount Bracket
  • 5 HP Motor with attached Pump, Unloader, Water Inlet Filter, Misc Fittings.
  • Hardware to Wire Motor
  • Wall-Mounted High Pressure Reel
  • Gun Complete:  Gun, 12" Wand, Tip, Red Tip Protector, Gun Swivel
  • 3' High Pressure Inlet Hose for Pressure Washer to High Pressure Reel
  • Stainless Steel Wand Holder for Gun


  • Auto Start/Stop Option Upgrade
    • Replaces On/Off Toggle Switch on Wall Mount Bracket
    • Requires external pressure feeding pressure washer pump inlet to trigger the initial turn-on; CANNOT be triggered by gravity feeding pressure washer from water tank
  • Upgrade from 50' high pressure hose to 100' hose
  • Upgrade from standard reel to larger reel with increased hose capacity


Motor  GPM & PSI Electricity Requirements
5 HP Electric 3.8 GPM @ 1500 PSI 220V 30A Dedicated Circuit

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