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The Arrow Stationary - Wash Bay System


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The Arrow Stationary - Wash Bay System

Specifically designed for wash bays, the Arrow Stationary is the ideal setup for dealerships with dedicated wash spaces for vehicle washing. From the powder coated frame, to the hand-assembled high pressure reel, everything on The Arrow is built to withstand the wet environment of a washbay. The built-in wand holder serves as the perfect home for your pressure washer gun when not in use.  Arrow Stationary systems are great for homeowners and other small business’ such as screenprinting!

On / Off Automation

Washbay systems come standard with an on/off toggle switch, which is great if the pressure washer is within arms reach.  For installations where the pressure washer is not nearby, such as inside equipment rooms, an Auto-Start/Stop option can be included to automatically turn the pressure washer ON & OFF during use.  With a pull of the pressure washer gun trigger, the machine will turn on to allow washing.  After roughly 15 seconds of idle time, the machine will power down awaiting the next trigger pull.  This allows operators to quickly get in and get out of the washbay without having to push buttons or toggle switches, while ensuring your machine is running only when it needs to be. 


  • Quality energy efficient electric motor in 2 HP or 5 HP options
  • General Pump “the Best in the Industry”
  • 50 feet of quality, non-marking, steel braided high pressure hose
    • Optional 100 feet hose upgrade
  • Hand-built high pressure hose reel
  • Powder coated frame
  • Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges
  • 5-year limited warranty


Motor  GPM @ 1500 PSI Electricity Requirements
2 HP Electric 3.1 110V 20A Dedicated Circuit
5 HP Electric 3.8 220V 30A Dedicated Circuit