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Tak Floor Mat Adhesive

SKU: TEC99430

TEC99430 Tak Floor Mat Adhesive creates a strong, yet temporary bond between carpet & carpet film. Will not transfer to fabric. Easily removed. Provides extra tack for the film to secure into place. Will work great in conjunction with our new TEC1337 or any of our DMR plastics.

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  • VOC/OTC Compliant

DIRECTIONS: Use Tak Floor Mat Adhesive only on clean and dry carpets. Shake can well before using. Hold the can approximately 10 to 12 inches away from the carpet. Spray to a light and even coat over the area where the carpet film is to be applied. Do not spray the carpet film surface. Wait until the product is dries to a tack and apply the "Dealer Must Remove" carpet film. When ready to remove, simply peel carpet film away. Tak Floor Mat Adhesive will not transfer to the fabric.