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1600 Focus Vapor Steamer


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Mytee’s new & improved 1600 Focus™ Vapor Steamer easily cleans a multitude of areas and surfaces. With high-temperature steam, you can remove stubborn dirt, grease, grime stains and soap scum. Quickly detail vehicles, clean hard surfaces, and remove gum from floors with the power of steam! Get the Focus™ Vapor Steamer today!


Focus™ Vapor Steamer Features:

  • 5-gallon solution tank capacity
  • Heavy duty pressure kettle with 1,750 watt heating element
  • Pump-driven automatic fill
  • Disinfecting steam up to 350°F
  • Various attachments included
  • High pressure, high temperature professional spray gun and 15′ hose
  • Easy-push handle for easy transportation and storage

Perfect for:

  • Automotive detailing. Clean and disinfect headliners, cup holders, upholstery, dashboards, and so much more!
  • Mattresses. Sanitizes beds and kills bed bugs, germs, Giardia, viruses, dust mites, mold & mildew.
  • Upholstery. Useful for spotting. 
  • Facility maintenance. Clean toilets and sinks without scrubbing!
Included Accessories
  • 3x VS16: Gum Scraper
  • 3x VS04: Small Nylon Brush
  • 3x VS05: Large Nylon Brush
  • 3x VS15: Metal Brush
  • 3x VS07: Jet Nozzle

How-To: Operating the Focus™ Vapor Steamer

Out of the Box: 1600 Focus™ Vapor Steamer