Reverse Osmosis Systems

TomahawkUSA’s line of commercial grade reverse osmosis water purification systems are the ideal solution for producing spot-free water on-site.  At the heart of any reverse osmosis system is the semi-permeable membrane element which accounts for high rejection of dissolved ions, unwanted molecules, and particulates from the water source; what’s left after the filtration process is spot-free water which evaporates without leaving dissolved solids behind.  Our machines average a 1:2 ratio of filtered to supply water all while maintaining a solid 12-or-less ppm (parts per million) reading.  Work smarter, not harder; eliminate hand-drying by producing your own spot-free water today!

Model Number Rated Gallons
Per Day
Cars Per Day Electrical

L-W-H (in.)

450 N/A No Electrical 45-8-19
 1,000 50-75
 110V  15-23-30
 2,500 100-200  110V  22-20-55
 5,000 200-350  110V or 220V  22-20-55
 7,500 350-500  220V  22-20-55
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