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The Waterboy


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Portable Reverse Osmosis System

The Waterboy is Tomahawk’s portable R.O. system.  Designed for the mobile detailer, the Waterboy can be mounted almost anywhere in vans, trucks, and trailors for spot-free water making capabilities on the go.  Just screw in any universal male garden-hose fitting from your city water supply and you will be making spot-free water instantly, no electricity needed!  It’s unique design allows for easy maintenance.

Automatic Shutoff Control Option

As an additional option, the Waterboy can be upgraded with automatic shutoff capabilities via float and solenoid:

  • When the water tank is less than full capacity, the inlet valve will open and allow the system to produce spot-free water.
  • When the water tank reaches full capacity, the Waterboy inlet will close to stop production of spot-free water.  This eliminates the need to monitor your water levels in your tank, ensuring your tank never overflows when filling.

Requirements for Automatic Shutoff Control Option

  • 120VAC nearby to power the solenoid valve
  • Water storage tank nearby the R.O. to wire the float into the tank

For mobile detailers, The Waterboy is a perfect match for your 100-200 gallon water tank.  For those that want a more permanent stationary installation with the optional automatic shutoff option, we recommend a 300 gallon vertical tank to pair with The Waterboy.

Technical Data
 FMV5 Electricity No Electricity Needed
Automatic Shutoff Electricity 110V or 220V
Gallons Per Day 400
Water Production Permeate to Concentrate Ratio
(Spot-Free Pure to Concentrate Waste Water)
1 : 2.5

Upkeep on an FMV5 consists of changing the micron and carbon pre-filters every 45-60 days (inside the big blue filter housings), as recommended for a long lasting membrane element.

  • Rainman Reverse Osmosis System
  • 30' Blue 1/2" High-Pressure Nylon Tubing to connect to water storage tank & drain.  Please specify distance from The Rainman to water storage tank & distance of The Rainman to drain to ensure 30' is enough.  

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