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Detail Xpress Spray Shine

SKU: 227660

227660 Detail Xpress Spray Shine is an ultimate cleaning wax that lifts away dirt & leaves a layer of protection. Contains carnauba & cleaning agents, no need for water. Safe for all painted surfaces, glass, mirrors, chrome, aluminum, fiberglass, gel-coat & non-porous plastic surfaces. Avoid using on seats, dashboards, vinyl tops, convertible tops, molding or tires.

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  • VOC/OTC Compliant
  • Dries Quickly
  • No Trigger Spray Problems
  • No Wiping
  • Water Proof
  • Perfect For Hard To Reach Areas
  • 17.5 oz. Cans

DIRECTIONS: Select an outdoor location where you would usually clean and wax your car. Shake well! Spray on a light coat directly on a 3-4 foot section of the vehicle. Use a Terry Cloth Towel to gently rub product in a circular motion (protective gloves recommended). Allow 10-20 seconds for product to dry to a “haze”. Using a second soft towel (Micro Fiber Towel recommended) buff off excess to a show car shine. To avoid over spray when using around tires or black molding/insulation tight spaces, spray directly on the application towel and wipe product on.

NOTE: For faded paints, bugs, tar, tree sap, etc. apply a heavier coat directly on the spot to be treated, then let stand 2-3 minutes to allow product to remove substance(s) from surface before rubbing.