The Brave - Mobile Pressure Washer

SKU: BR001

The Brave is TomahawkUSA’s newest addition to the pressure washing family.  With a footprint of only 20” x 16” (320² in.), the Brave is the ideal unit for mobile detailers who have limited space in their vehicle.  Don’t let it’s size fool you though, as it packs the same punch as its gas driven counterparts. The top-mounted high pressure reel eliminates the need to have a reel bolted separately, so you can utilize every square inch of your mobile detail vehicle.  The brave allows operators to fit a commercial grade pressure washer into the smallest of spaces, while still allowing ample access for maintenance.  


  • Honda GX200 6.5 horsepower engine
  • Commercial grade General Pump “The Best in the Industry”
  • Top-mounted Elley high pressure reel with built in tensioner, so the hose is easy to reel up but resists being pulled off the reel; no more unraveling hoses due to vibration while operating.  The GP reel option does not have a built in tensioner.  
  • 50 feet of blue, non-marking, steel-braided high pressure hose
  • General Pump Gun with ceramic ball bearing trigger internals
  • Convenient frame design:
    • Powder-coated frame to resist weather
    • allows for a permanent install to the floor of a van or truck bed
    • wheels can be installed to the provided mounting tabs for maneuverability
    • can be left unbolted and used as a skid-mount unit, allowing easy removal from the vehicle
  • 5-year limited warranty