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Uro-Wool Gray Wool Pad


The Buff and Shine Uro-Wool Blend Pad is a new addition to the Uro-Wool lineup. It is a step below the 100% white Uro-Wool pad in terms of aggressiveness, but outperforms it in terms of finishing ability! The Uro-Wool Blend Pad is designed to cut, while leaving a better finish than the white Uro-Wool pad. 

What makes the Uro-Wool Blend Pad unique is its fused fibers. By fusing the fibers together the Uro-Wool Blend Pad keeps more product on the face of the pad. This allows the pad to better correct the surface, while finishing down nicely. 

Just like the white Uro-Wool pad, the fused fibers are "knitted" onto the pad, not twisted. The biggest advantage of knitted wool is the minimal amount of lint floating around the shop. The face of the pad is soft to the touch and slightly denser but slightly denser because of its proprietary blend. 

You will also notice that the Uro-Wool pad has virtually no interface between the wool fiber pad face and the hook and loop backing material. This allows the power of the polisher and the movement of the technician to transfer more directly and actively to the paint surface, resulting in faster polishing and correction cycles. 

To clean your Uro-Wool pads, use compressed air or an appropriate pad brush. You can also use a mechanical pad washer or wash them by hand.


  • A wool blend pad.
  • Unique fused fibers are designed to cut, yet finish down nicely.
  • Fused fibers keep more product on the face of the pad.
  • Fused fibers are "knitted" onto the pad, minimizing the amount of lint created.
  • Can by used on all types of machine polishers: free spin dual-action, random-orbital, long-throw, forced rotation and rotary.
  • Available in 5" and 6" sizes.