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XPC3® Start to Finish One Step Compound

SKU: TEC55216

TEC552 XPC3® Start To Finish One Step Compound is the complete one step pre-owned vehicle correction / protection product. It cleans, polishes & waxes in one step. Easy to use. TEC552 is a blend of high quality dimensioning abrasives, VOC compliant solvents & carnauba wax that allow enough working time to remove oxidation & micro imperfections from any painted surface, old or new. When used as directed, it will leave the surface leveled, clean, glossy & waxed.


  • VOC/OTC Compliant
  • Removes minor scratches & imperfections
  • Contains no Silicones
  • Dust Free
  • Contains Carnauba Wax

DIRECTIONS: SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING. DO NOT USE ON HOT SURFACES OR IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT. Use a quarter size amount of TEC552 XPC3® Start to Finish One Step with TEC3040 Pre-Washed Lambswool Pad or TEC1521 Green Waffle Pad to level and remove any imperfections up to a speed of 1700 RPM.