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Speedy Surface Prep Clay DX Pad

SKU: SSP-571


SPEEDY Prep DX Pad works fast and achieves professional results with new advanced polymerized rubber technology, the next generation of surface preparation With either dual action orbital polisher or hand application, SPEEDY Surface Prep DX Prep DX Pad quickly, easily and safely removes over spray, rail dust, brake dust, industrial pollution and other bonded contaminants from the surface of automotive paint, glass, moldings and plastic. SPEEDY Surface Prep DX Pad works great with your favorite showroom prep or clay lubricant product. The SPEEDY Surface Prep DX Pad is easily cleaned by simply rinsing off the accumulated contaminants with water. If you drop the SPEEDY Surface Prep DX Pad on the ground, no worries, just rinse with water and you're ready to keep using it. Plus, the SPEEDY Surface Prep DX Pad does not require constant shaping and reshaping.

Speedy Surface Prep Clay DX Pad

  • Use with dual action polishers or hand strap. Please note this unit should not be used with a rotary buffer.
  • Speedy removal of surface contaminants.
  • Easy to use with less effort.
  • Leaves surface smooth as glass. 

The Medium Pads (blue) are best used for heavy build ups.
The Fine Pads (gray) are best for well maintained vehicles.

Directions:  The SPEEDY Surface Prep DX Pad has a protective coating to ensure stability with transportation Before first us, break-in the pad following these simple instructions:

  1. Moisten the SPEEDY Surface Prep DX Pad with desired lubricant.
  2. Moisten a portion of window glass or other glass surface.
  3. Rub the SPEEDY Surface Prep DX Pad in a circular motion against the glass for 30 to 60 seconds. You may see a white soapy foam. This is the protective sealant coming off.
  4. Don't use until the polymerized rubber is soft and slightly tacky

Cold Temperatures may stiffen the pad. Warm the SPEEDY Surface Prep DX Pad surface before using.