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Solid Gold Cream Wax

SKU: TEC55316

TEC553 Solid Gold Cream Wax is designed to be an all in one product that will clean, shine & seal all in one step. Pairing consistent polishing agents with a blend of polymers guarantees that this product will fill minor imperfections to deliver that perfect shine without a greasy residue. TEC553 Solid Gold has an amazing banana scent & does not contain the traditional harsh solvents.


  • All in one product
  • Cleans, shines, and seals
  • Fine milled polishing agents
  • Easy wipe off and no dusting
  • Tight water beading
  • Long lasting protection

Directions: Wash and dry vehicle. Clay bar vehicle if needed. Shake product well. Product can be applied by hand or machine. For best results, apply four small sized drops onto a primed polishing or finishing pad. Work a 2’x 2’ section at a time. Use a slow back and forth motion until cream wax begins to break down. Wipe off residue with microfiber towel. Severely neglected finishes may need a second application to remove surface defects.