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Bigfoot LHR21 Mark III Random Orbital Polisher Complete Kit


Bigfoot LHR21 Mark III: Random Orbital Polisher Complete Kit

The LHR21 Mark III Random Orbital Polisher is ideal for large and flat surfaces where maximum coverage is beneficial. This polisher, along with RUPES engineered pads and polishing compounds, gives enthusiasts, professional detailers, and body shop technicians the ability to produce world-class results easily and quickly. In the evolution of paint polishing, the LHR21 Mark III Random Orbital Polisher leaves paint defects and many associated risks of polishing in the history books.

*When used with appropriate RUPES polishing pads and polishing compounds


Experience the evolution of excellence. The Mark III generation of our flagship polishing system isn’t a full re-write of the platform, but an evolutionary step that takes the class-leading performance of the BigFoot random orbital tools and continues to refine their performance.  With numerous ergonomic enhancements and new features, the best just continues to get better! With the ability to remove 1500 grit sanding marks and leave a high-gloss finish in one step*, the LHR21 Mark III Random Orbital Polisher makes paint polishing fast and easy. The large, overlapping orbital movement eliminates the cause of swirl marks, and greatly reduces the chances of damaging edges and tight areas. Engineered to work in harmony with RUPES 180mm foam, 170mm microfiber, or 170mm wool pads, the LHR21 Mark III is nearly vibration free and incredibly comfortable to use.

    Technical Data
    • Ø Backing Plate – 150mm – 6in
    • Ø Orbit Diameter – 21mm
    • Power Consumption – 500
    • O.P.M. – 3000- 4500
    • Weight – 2.7kg/5.95lbs
    • Variable Speed Control – Yes
    • Variable Speed Trigger – No
    • Spindle Thread – M8
    • Backing Plate Supplied – 981.321N
    Kit Includes

    (1) LHR21III Polisher

    (1) 981.321N 150mm/6in Backing Plate

    (1) 9.DACOARSE250 250ml Coarse Compound

    (1) 9.DAFINE250 250ml Fine Compound,

    (1) 9.PURE250 250ml Ultrafine Polish

    (1)9.DA180H Coarse Blue Foam Pad

    (1)9.DA180M Fine Yellow Foam Pad

    (1) 9.DA180S Ultrafine White Foam Pad

    (1) 9.BW180H Coarse DA Wool Pad

    (1) 9.BW180M Medium DA Wool Pad

    (4) Microfiber Cloths

    (1) 9.BF7001 Claw Pad Tool

    (1) 9.Z1024 Cable Clamp

    (1) 9.Z868 Detailing Apron

    (1) Semi-Rigid BigFoot Carrying Bag