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3/4" Pail Faucet for 5-Gallon Pail

SKU: TEC1023

TEC1023 Pail Faucet allows for easy refilling of smaller containers from your 5-gallon pail.  Each 5-gallon pail sold by TomahawkUSA has a female threaded cap that the 3/4" pail faucet can screw into, as shown in the pictures. 3/4" threaded pail faucet has a 360° spray head for easy positioning and dispensing.  

Before threading the pail faucet onto the cap, the cap itself will need a hole drilled through the middle of the cap.  Using a drillbit while ensuring to not damage the female threads of the 5 gallon pail cap, drill out a hole directly in the middle of the cap and remove any plastic shavings before screwing the cap back onto the pail.