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XPC3® Ceramic One Step Polish

SKU: TEC58116

TEC581 XPC3® Ceramic One Step Polish is the first polish to contain ceramic surface material. The polish can be used as a standalone or as an excellent choice for preparing any vehicle’s surface for TEC580 or TEC582 application. Ceramic polish contains fine milled polishing agents to give a consistent cut throughout the buffing cycle, while ceramic material is deposited into the pores of the clear coat. This is perfect for light cutting of new & used vehicles. The ceramic material deposited acts as a base layer for additional ceramic application, either liquid or spray. The base layer works synergistically with either the liquid or spray, so there is no need to have an additional prep step prior to additional ceramic application.


  • Prepares the surface for ceramic application
  • Cleans, shines & adds base ceramic to finishes
  • Fine milled polishing agents
  • Easy wipe off & no dusting
  • Tight water beading

Directions:  Wash and dry vehicle. Clay bar vehicle if needed. Shake product well. Product can be applied by hand or machine. For best results, apply four small sized drops onto a primed finishing pad. Work a 2’x 2’ section at a time. Use a slow back and forth motion until product begins to break down. Wipe off residue with microfiber towel. For easier removal, use a few sprays Ceramic Detail Spray, TEC 582. Severely neglected finishes may need a second application to remove surface defects.