SKU: TEC52901

TEC529 Bug-A-Boo quickly removes bug spatter from bumpers, hoods, roofs, painted surfaces, plastic and chrome surfaces.

• VOC/OTC Compliant

• Green Product

• Biodegradable

• Phosphate Free

• Excellent Hard Water Stability

• Berry Fragrance

DIRECTIONS: DO NOT USE IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT OR ON HOT SURFACES. Test an inconspicuous area for paint compatibility. Dilute TEC529 up to 1:2 with water. Spray TEC529 on to surface and allow to remain for two (2) minutes. Wipe clean and rinse with water using a clean soft towel. For hard to remove areas repeat procedure. TEC529 can be used as a pre-soak followed by your choice of Technician’s Choice car wash.