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Blue Velvet Tire Dressing

SKU: TEC41716

TEC417 Blue Velvet Tire Dressing is a fourth generation development in tire dressing which utilizes water in place of slow and fast evaporating solvents, and utilizes high and low molecular weight silicones.  For a water- based dressing, it has greater durability than it's water-based counterparts and equal durability to most solvent based tire dressings.


  • VOC/OTC Compliant
  • Bubble Gum Fragrance
  • Minimum Sling
  • Excellent durability

DIRECTIONS: Clean tires with the ECP recommended tire cleaner to remove all surfactants and manufacturer’s mold release agents. TEC417 is especially designed for gun application. Dry tires and brush TEC417 on evenly to cover the entire surface. Repeat if necessary to cover areas that are missed the first time.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Customer (Richboro, PA)
Wow what an incredible shine.

Omg. Great lasting shine

Sandy Dotson (Chicago, IL)

Works really well on tires


Great love it

Harvey Shaner (San Antonio, TX)
Excellent Tire Dressing

Lasts long and gives tires a nice NEW LOOK!!

David Morrow (Birmingham, AL)
Best Tire Dressing Ever, No regrets

I recently purchased a new Lexus and drove it 90 miles home. The tire dressing still looked great when I got home and I noticed there was NO sling of tire dressing on the car. I called the dealer and ask would they mind telling me what they use and it was Blue Velvet Tire Dressing. I have tried 15 different name brands or more over the years and Blue Velvet is the best by far. I purchased a gallon and added an application a few weeks later with a smooth tire applicator and it looks sprayed on. Glad I found this great stuff. Thanks