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6" Vinyl Multihole M8 Backing Pad for SKORPIO

SKU: 981.145N

6" Vinyl Multihole M8 Backing Pad for SKORPIO

Vinyl backing pads for Skorpio Sanders features a 17 (8+8+1) plus multi-hole vacuum pattern design suitable for use with a variety of traditional vacuum and solid PSA sticky-back abrasive sanding discs.

This firm pad features a unique thermo-plastic abrasion-resistant spoiler that results in greater stability and mechanical reliability. The patented spoiler works as friction surface for the “anti-spinning” shroud and allows vacuum for the perpendicular holes. The high performance Velcro face material gives a greater mechanical resistance and a longer life, especially along the edges of the backing plate.

Technical Data

Ø mm – 150-6"

Interface – Vinyl

Tool – RH353, RH356, RH359

Holes – Multihole Slim

Hardness – Hard

Fitting – M8

SKU – 981.145N

Compatible Tools

RH353 Skorpio

RH356 Skorpio

RH359 Skorpio