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6" Velcro Multihole M8 Backing Pad for SKORPIO

SKU: 981.500

 6" Velcro Multihole M8 Backing Pad for SKORPIO

The multihole pattern combined to the 10 channels obtained on the side of the backing pad provides an impressive air flow that increases the dust extraction during the sanding on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. This guarantees a better cleaning of the working area and therefore a better working conditions. Two of the side channels are connected directly to the central hole with the function to dissipate the heat during the backing pad rotation. This new model of backing pad has been designed to obtain a low center of gravity which ensures a better control and precision during all phases of the sanding process.

Technical Data

Ø mm – 150-6"

Interface – Velcro

Tool – RH353, RH356, RH359

Holes – Multihole Slim

Hardness – Hard

Fitting – M8

SKU – 981.500

Compatible Tools

RH353 Skorpio

RH356 Skorpio

RH359 Skorpio