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6" Backing Pad for LK900E Gear Driven Polisher

SKU: 981.089

RUPES 6" (150mm) Grip Backing Plate for Mille LK900E is recommended for use with the Bigfoot Mille LK900E Gear-Driven Polisher.

Made from expanded polyurethane, the 981.089 backing plate is extremely resistant to mechanical stress. When used with RUPES BigFoot polishing pads vibration is reduced to a minimum.

The perforations in the backing plate are designed to create a flow of air that helps dissipate any heat generated by the polishing action.

Technical Data
Ø mm 150
Interface Velcro
Holes 6+8+1
Hardness Hard
Tool LK
Fitting 6xM4


Compatible Tools

LK900E Mille