FMV5: Waterboy

The Waterboy is Tomahawk’s portable R.O. system.  Designed for the mobile detailer, the Waterboy can be mounted almost anywhere in vans, trucks, and trailors for spot-free water making capabilities on the go!  Just screw in any universal male garden-hose fitting from your city water supply and you will be making spot-free water instantly, no electricity needed!  It’s unique design allows for easy maintenance.

As an additional option, the Waterboy can be upgraded with automatic fill capabilities:

  • When the water tank is less than full, the inlet valve will open and allow the system to produce spot-free water.
  • When the water tank reaches full capacity, the waterboy inlet will close to stop production of spot-free water.This eliminates the need to monitor your water levels in your tank!

Upkeep on an FMV5 consists of changing the carbon and micron prefilters twice a year (inside the big blue filter housings), as recommended for a long lasting membrane element.

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FMV5: Waterboy