When it comes to water purification through reverse osmosis, Tomahawk is the leading manufacturer in equipment for business’ that require spot-free water. R.O. technology is all made possible with the use of semi-permeable membranes that separate mineral ions from the pure water molecules that make up our city’s water supply. Our machines average a 1:2 ratio of pure to waste water all while maintaining a solid 12-or-less ppm (parts per million) reading. The need for drying cars, windows, and anything else that might spot from using your average water source is a thing of the past.

Model Number Rated Gallons Per Day Electrical Dimensions L-W-H (in.)
FMV5 (Waterboy) 450 No Electrical 45-8-19
FMV10 (Rainman)  1,000  110V  15-23-30
FMV25 (Rainmaker)  2,500  110V  22-20-55
FMV50 (Rainmaker)  5,000  110V or 220V  22-20-55
FMV75 (Rainmaker)  7,500  220V  22-20-55