When it comes to water purification through reverse osmosis, Tomahawk is the leading manufacturer in equipment for business’ that require spot-free water. R.O. technology is all made possible with the use of semi-permeable membranes that separate mineral ions from the pure water molecules that make up our city’s water supply. Our machines average a 1:2 ratio of pure to waste water all while maintaining a solid 12-or-less ppm (parts per million) reading. The need for drying cars, windows, and anything else that might spot from using your average water source is a thing of the past.

The RainMaker

Featuring automatic operation along with a state-of-the-art electrical control box, the Rainmaker is the ultimate solution in spot-free water production.  With yields of up to 7,500 gallons a day, the Rainmaker is the only choice for dealerships and car washs that want to produce their own spot-free water on site.  This system is fully automated, just flip on the power ... Read More

FMV10: RainMan

The FMV10 Rainman is the ideal R.O. setup for business' using less than 800 gallons per day.  Featuring automatic operation, the machine will turn on to produce spot-free water, and turn off when the water storage tank is full.  The Rainman produces the same quality of water as the rainmaker with TDS readings at less than 15 parts per million, ensuring ... Read More

FMV5: The Waterboy

The Waterboy is Tomahawk's portable R.O. system.  Designed for the mobile detailer, the Waterboy can be mounted almost anywhere in vans, trucks, and trailors for spot-free water making capabilities on the go!  Just screw in any universal male garden-hose fitting from your city water supply and you will be making spot-free water instantly, no electricity needed!  It's unique design allows ... Read More

Model Number Rated Gallons Per Day Electrical Dimensions L-W-H (in.)
FMV5 (Waterboy) 450 No Electrical 45-8-19
FMV10 (Rainman)  1,000  110V  15-23-30
FMV25 (Rainmaker)  2,500  110V  22-20-55
FMV50 (Rainmaker)  5,000  110V or 220V  22-20-55
FMV75 (Rainmaker)  7,500  220V  22-20-55