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X-Cut Foam Abrasive Pad

SKU: 9.45451

RUPES X-Cut Foam backed abrasive discs are designed as a top-coat sanding solution for the removal of imperfections too deep for removal by polishing alone or leveling of texture. The aluminum oxide abrasive structure, fabric substrate, and foam backing provide a solution that produces a consistent sanding mark (when used with the appropriate foam interface) in wet-sanding applications.

Use on curves and countours, deep isolated scratches, or simply as a means to level a surface and promote a consistent scratch pattern for buff out. Available in 75mm (3″), 125mm (5″), and 150mm (6″) X-Cut foam abrasives are ideal for use with the BigFoot family of random orbital polishers like the LHR75E Mini or LHR12E Duetto.

Each pad sold individually.  

Available in three different sizes, and three different grits:

Part Number Grit Size
9.45450 P1500 75mm / 3"
9.45400 P1500 125mm / 5"
9.45300 P1500 150mm / 6"
9.45451 P2000 75mm / 3"
9.45401 P2000 125mm / 5"
9.45301 P2000 150mm / 6"
9.45453 P3000 75mm / 3"
9.45403 P3000 125mm / 5"
9.45303 P3000 150mm / 6"