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Bigfoot Nano Short Neck iBRID Battery Pack & Cord System Complete Kit


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Rupes Bigfoot Nano Short Neck iBRID: Battery Pack & Cord System Complete Kit

Utilizing 40 or 70mm RUPES foam pads, sanding discs, or brush attachments the BigFoot Nano offers a solution unlike anything else on the market today for addressing compact spaces, smaller surfaces, or just spot repair. With the option for multiple attachments as well as the selection of rotary, 3mm random orbital, or 12mm random orbital the possibilities for what the Nano can do are endless.


The RUPES iBrid nano is more than just a technological advancement; it introduces a design philosophy that will guide the evolution of the RUPES product line. iBrid ushers in an era of innovation, flexibility, versatility, and sustainability.The new iBrid manufacturing concept increases process efficiency and optimizes the user experience. iBrid offers the functionality and convenience of battery technology coupled with the option of corded electric supply. The high-performance motor offers optimal performance with low environmental impact and energy savings. Further versatility is

offered through the capability of the iBrid Nano offering multiple movements, including both rotary and random orbital. Simply switching the external attachments allows the operator to choose the perfect movement for the application at hand, whether cleaning or detailing! The iBrid Nano is a member of the BigFoot family and has a pedigree of reliability and quality. It can be paired with a full selection of foams and compounds to address virtually unlimited applications. You’ll love the new BigFoot Nano, a multi-action tool, operated effortlessly and effectively with just one hand.

    Technical Data

    Part Number – HR81M

    R.P.M. – 2000-5000

    Battery Life – ~30 minutes*

    Charge Time – ~20 minutes*

    Electronic Speed Control

    Overcurrent Protection

    Soft Start

    LED Indicator

    Dimensions – 287x70x47** (mm)

    Weight – 470 – 1.04** (g – lbs)

    * The value referenced is the use of the battery pack 9HB120LT, fully charged with charger 9HC120LT and normal use with a RUPES polisher HR81M/HR18ML configured with the 12mm functional orbital unit, 30mm polishing pad.

    **Measured without a functional unit, battery pack and power supply

    Kit Includes

    (1) HR81M Short Neck Nano Polisher

    (1) 9.CASEIII Systainer Tool Case

    (1) 9HP120LT AC-DC Adapter

    (2) 9HB120LT Rechargable Li-Ion Battery Pack

    (1) 9HC120LT Battery Charger

    (6) 9.BF40H Coarse Foam Pads

    (6) 9.BF40M Fine Foam Pads

    (4) 9.BF70H Coarse Foam Pads

    (4) 9.BF70M Fine Foam Pads

    (1) 9.BFZEPHIR150 150ml Coarse Compound

    (1) 9.BFKERAMIK150 150ml Fine Compound

    (1) 562.390 Rotary Functional Unit

    (1) 581.390/C 3mm Orbit Functional Unit

    (1) 58.390/C 12mm Orbit Functional Unit

    (1) 995.001 30mm/1.25in Velcro Backing Plate

    (1) 996.001 50mm/2in Velcro Backing Plate

    (1) 997.001 30mm/1.25in Vinyl Backing Plate

    (1) 9.BF3000 Horsehair Brush

    (1) 9.BF3030 Nylon Brush

    (10) 9.45520 35mm P2000 Sanding Disc

    (10) 9.45530 35mm P3000 Sanding Disc

    (4) 9.BF9010 Microfiber Towels