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D-A Coarse High Performance Cutting Foam Pad

SKU: 9.DA100H

Rupes D-A Coarse: High-Performance Rotary Cutting Foam Pad

The D-A COARSE blue foam pad is the most aggressive foam option in the BigFoot pad family. The design and material are engineered to optimize the cutting action of random orbital and gear-drive orbital polishers while delivering a quality finish. Pair the D-A COARSE pad with RUPES D-A COARSE compound to remove moderate-to-severe defects from most paint systems quickly.

This new pad combines the best aspects of the previous blue and green foams, with an increased durability and a more vibrant blue color.


The foam pad is an integral part of the overall performance of any polishing system, especially orbital. The RUPES development team has spent countless hours in the development and testing of all aspects of new D-A FOAM PADS to ensure the most balanced performance, proper heat management, contouring, and versatility. The all-new BigFoot D-A FOAM PADS are constructed using new, proprietary foam formulas and are maximized for performance on both large stroke random orbital tools and gear-driven orbital tools. Every pad is carefully designed, manufactured, and packaged entirely in-house by RUPES in Italy to our extremely high quality standards.


In addition to all-new materials the new D-A System Foam Pads feature an optimized pad height extensively tested to offer the best balance between balance and polishing performance.


The new, unique, contour edge improves pad stability and provides additional control in the curves allowing users to realize increased performance, even on varied surfaces.


Technical Data
9.DA100H 100mm/4" LHR75E Mini, LHR 75 Pneumatic Mini, LTA 75 Triple-Action Mini
9.DA150H 150mm/6″ LHR15 MARK III, LHR 12E Duetto, LTA 125 Triple-Action Mini, LK 900E Mille
9.DA180H 180mm/7″ LHR21 MARK III, LK 900E Mille