Waterless Car Wash


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TEC209 Waterless Car Wash Go green with our Waterless Car Wash! With water bans & restrictions becoming more commonplace, this is a “must have” product that will allow you to save time, money & WATER. A spray on, wipe off formula makes application a breeze. With a hand car wash averaging anywhere from 20-100 gallons of water per wash, it is now, more than ever, the right time to try & conserve water. Waterless Car Wash contains ingredients to lift away dirt & grime in every attempt to reduce scratches. Grape fragrance.

• Green Product
• Environmentally Friendly
• VOC/OTC Compliant
• Instant Gloss
• No Rinse Formula
• Just Spray and Wipe
• No Harsh Solvents or Nonylphenol Ethoxylates

Directions: Technician’s Choice TEC209 Waterless Car Wash can be sprayed directly onto surface to be cleaned. Wipe with a terrycloth or microfiber towel, repeat until vehicle is clean. TEC209 is safe for all exterior surfaces except convertible tops.