Blue Velvet Tire Dressing


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TEC417 Blue Velvet Tire Dressing is a fourth generation development in tire dressing which utilizes water in place of slow and fast evaporating solvents, and utilizes high and low molecular weight silicones.  For a water- based dressing, it has greater durability than it’s water-based counterparts and equal durability to most solvent based tire dressings.

• VOC/OTC Compliant
• Bubble Gum Fragrance
• Minimum Sling
• Excellent durability

DIRECTIONS: Clean tires with the ECP recommended tire cleaner to remove all surfactants and manufacturer’s mold release agents. TEC417 is especially designed for gun application. Dry tires and brush TEC417 on evenly to cover the entire surface. Repeat if necessary to cover areas that are missed the first time.

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