Black Cherry Cleaner Glaze


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TEC526 Black Cherry Cleaner Glaze is a non-silicone, oil based cleaner & glaze for removing light oxidation in dark automotive paint finishes. Designed to fill fine scratches, remove minor to moderate paint imperfections & leave an excellent gloss. Cherry fragrance. TEC526 may be applied by hand, orbital or variable speed polisher.  Works well with wool or foam pads.

• VOC/OTC Compliant
• Body Shop Safe
• Economical To Use
• Excellent Gloss
• Silicone Free
• Cherry Fragrance

Directions: DO NOT USE IN DIRECT SUN OR ON HOT SURFACES. Shake well. For hand application, apply with a clean dampened cloth, spread over a small area using medium pressure until material starts to haze. Wipe with a clean soft lint free polishing cloth. For high speed rotary machine application, apply a 12” ribbon in a 24” area, choose a ECP wool or foam pad designed for polishing or finishing and buff product wet at 1100 to 2000 rpm into painted surface.