The year was 1984, and a couple of starving college buddies were working their way through school when they decided to start a small side job to help them get by. At first a small pressure washer was purchased and the 2 college kids began to slowly receive odd-end cleaning jobs such as spraying down mobile home parks. Hard work and dedication always pays off though, and within a year they were the holders of the largest fleet vehicle contract in the county; San Diego Gas & Electric. What started as a two man operation with a single pressure washer in the back of a truck quickly turned into a much larger ordeal.

As business picked up, the easier it was too see that the mobile detailing industry had many improvements to be made still. It was with this idea of renovating the industry that prompted the creation of the completely mobile, compact, spot-free system that is known as the Tomahawk today. Since then, we have expanded our manufacturing process to include reverse-osmosis water purification systems alongside Tomahawk’s full line of pressure washing setups.


Throughout the years we have been working on new ideas and constantly improving old ones, and we believe it’s clear that our systems have greatly improved the way dealerships and mobile detailers operate. Our goal is simple, bring the best equipment to the table at the lowest possible cost, all while keeping customer service our top priority. Good business relationships start with honesty and trust, so let Tomahawk point you in the right direction!


Our storefront location in Poway, Ca.